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Discipleship Course: Urban Mission

Urban Mission


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This course was taught to 14 Masters or doctoral level pastors during the summer of 2004 at the Adventist Institute in Advanced Studies in the Philippines.


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W 07-21

In this opening class period we will get acquainted with one another, go over the class assignments.

There will be an introductory lecture on the dramatic growth of the urban population in the last fifty years and what the Bible says about the cities.

Introduce who you are, where you are from and tell the group if you were called to pastor in a large city would your reaction be more like Jonah’s running away from Nineveh or Paul’s eagerness to reach Rome?
Th 07-22

Can Anything Good Come out of the City?
This second presentation focuses on the historical tension between urban and country living and how the city creates pluralism.

What would be both the positive and negative things about living in a rural or urban area for you and your family?
F 07-23

Urban Disciples
This lesson focuses on the spiritual disciplines as outlined by Psalm 1 and how they can be directly applied to city life.

If the Word of God is central to growing disciples in the city, what are some practical ways you could encourage this practice in the city you serve?
M 07-26

Growing Spirituality in the City
This section looks at the Biblical and non-Biblical models of spirituality along with 10 specific areas a pastor needs to safeguard in order to protect his spiritual life.

See Disciples in the Urban Context on AIIAS Library Reserve Shelf
Share with the group how you might specifically deal with one or more of the 10 specific areas a pastor needs to safeguard in order to protect his spiritual life.
T 07-27

Growing Community in the City
Cities tend to isolate people. Although in the rural areas people tend to be group oriented, the city tends to turn people into individuals. Small groups can help nurture this important process.

How do you feel the church can overcome the isolation of people in the cities . . . how can you make the city more like a village?
W 07-28

Growing Leadership in the City
This presentation looks at the important role of leadership in the city and the importance and specific principles which relate to mentoring.

What specific people which either you have mentored or have mentored you and what principles can you draw from that experience?
Th 07-29

Fulfilling the Great Commission in the City
The Great Commission of Matthew 28 has long been recognized as the Risen Lord's missionary mandate to go and make disciples of all nations.

How has your knowledge and application of the Great Commission grown as a result of the presentation?
F 07-30
Breaking Down Barriers in the City
This lesson will focus on how the Spirit worked in the New Testament in order to to bring Jew and Gentile believers together in one community under Jesus.
What problems between people of different ethnicities or cultures have you encountered in your ministry?
M 08-02
Planting Church in the City
This lesson looks at the specific steps to planting churches in the city. The importance of evaluating the financial, political, demographic and spiritual issues are dealt with.
Do you feel there are too many or too few churches in the city you serve? If you were to plant a church in your city, which group would it minister to?
T 08-03
Case Studies in City Mission
This sectino will look at real-life models of city mission and what we can learn from them. SDA churches in Bangkok, Los Angeles and Jakarta will be presented. 
What information, motivation or permission would you need in order to study the broader aspect of urban ministry in your conference?
Presentations on Urban Mission
What were three principles of urban ministry you picked up from the presentations today?
Presentations on Urban Mission
What were three principles of urban ministry you picked up from the presentations today?