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The Daily Disciple

The "Daily Disciple" is a weekly devotional newsletter that is sent out every Monday morning. The thoughts are short and usually relate an incident in common living that is then related to the spiritual life.

The newsletter is free. If you want to subscribe for yourself, send a request via email to jimpark@discipletree.com.

Below are some of highlights from the last three years in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat pdf format.

Ginger the Wunderdog  A dog is not honored except in their own country.
Got Word? What do flavored straws have to do with the Bible?
An Ode to Amy Out sixteen year old cat gets raised from the dead.
Beyond the Plate What a deacon from South Central LA taught me.
Keep the Pot Boiling How boiled water teaches about community.
Making Manna Tasty How to make the reading of God's Word a delight
Never Ride Alone What the Tour de France can teach us about community.
Put Air in Those Tires The importance of pumping up your devotional life.
Take Care of Tears Learn how a leg injury has a message for the heart.
Text Message Christians The importance of not being a nominal Christian
Let the Fire Fall! A nightly ritual in Yosemite Valley and the spiritual life.
Eating Cornflakes How the daily devotional life can pump us up.
The Bottom of the Stairs Don't give up until you have taken every step.
The Nastiest Drink It tasted really, really bad, just like in the Gethsemane.