James H. Park, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Discipleship and Mission 

The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

January, 2009



2. Communicating


Scholarly Articles

  The Proclamation of Release in Luke 4:16-30,” AASS, 7 2004: 27-37.

 “The Community of the First Century Church,”JAMS, 1 2005: 91-100

 “The Individuality of Modernity,” JAMS, 2 2006: 63-75.

 “The Peripheral Church of Postmodernity,” JAMS, 2 2006: 12-24.


Submitted:  Overcoming Internal Barriers: The ‘Conversion’ of Ananias and Peter in Acts 9-10.” JAAS, 2009.

               “Making Missionary Disciples in Matthew,” Journal of American Church Growth, 2009.


Presentations, Seminars and Training

2003—SSD Year End Meetings Devotional—Holy Spirit

2004—AFM One Week Missionary Retreat, Chiangmai Thailand

2004—Guam Stewardship Weekend

2004—AIIAS Sabbath Forum Presentation

2005—Singapore One Week Urban Mission 

2005—Bandung SDA Indonesia Hospital Week of Prayer

2005—Iligan City Week of Prayer

2006—Sulads MVC Training

2006—Indonesian PREACH Seminar

2006—BRI/ATS Presentation on Psalms 1

2007—India Evangelistic Outreach

2007—AUP Retreat-Youth Impact

2007—Beijing One Week Training and Teaching

2008—India Church Planting

2008—SDA—Muslim Dialogue Presentation with  G Whitehouse—Marwai Philippines

2008—Kenya, Rwanda and Congo–Discipleship Training and Seminars

2008—AIIAS Contextual Forum Presentation

Twice a Year—1000 Missionary Training in Urban, Evangelism and Church Growth

Many, many other one day and weekend seminars in churches.


“The Daily Disciple” Weekly Newsletter and Unpublished Book

Over the last eight years I have sent out on an almost weekly basis a discipleship newsletter to about 800 recipients I have met or taught in many places.  This allows me to keep in contact with people and I often get positive responses from the writing.  The weekly newsletter is called “The Daily Disciple” and these messages have been compiled in a book which attempts to teach discipleship.  The book was submitted to both the Review and Pacific Press but remains unpublished. Below are some samples of recent messages with pictures.

Are You Famous???? Be a Monk, Not a Monkey Bloom Where You Are Planted
Sweet and Low The Hottest Hotel on Earth That Big Safari in the Sky



“Discipletree.com” Website

I have developed (and recently updated) a website called Discipletree.com which reflects my views on discipleship, helpful links and also a listing of materials I have developed over the years which relate to discipleship research, training, diagnosing and workbook materials.