James H. Park, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Discipleship and Mission 

The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

January, 2009

Teaching Portfolio


3. Serving


Trinity Logo

Trinity Ministry.org            

My main service for the community has been through three main ministries which are entitled TrinityMinistry.org.  These ministries have started and evolved over the last five years and comprise a scholarship fund for worthy students, a preschool in a squatter’s area near Manila and a shelter for families in Silang.  The ministries are funded through donors from the USA and will be financially administered by ADRA Philippines beginning in 2009.




The AHMEN Scholarship Fund                                                                 Manila Bay Adventist Preschool, Maliksi

The AHMEN Fund began in 2003 with one student and has since sponsored all or part of the education of 117 college age young people primarily in the Philippines.  The fund tends to sponsor college students in their mid-twenties who have shown an ability to work hard and be engaged in mission service.  The fund normally pays for tuition and fees and at times the student's living expenses.

       For the last three years, we have operated a preschool in a very poor area next to Manila Bay at the Maliksi Seventh-day Adventist Church.  We employ 2 full-time teachers and two teachers aides.  Currently we have 40 students at our preschool who pay 250 pesos a month.  The rest is subsidized as a school mission project of South Bay Junior Academy in Torrance, CA.



The CAP House Family Shelter                                                                       Service to the AIIAS Community

For the last three years we have operated a shelter for abused women and their families in conjunction with the local Department of Social Welfare and Development. We have had regular Friday night Bible study for children, young people and adults with participation by both graduate school and seminary students here at AIIAS.  We have recently planted a garden to help sustain the ministry.


     Besides my usual committee work, I have been involved in other projects here at AIIAS including major fundraising for the new church, assisting the President and others in presentations involving audio-visual materials, development and participation in FLAGS, and multi-media work.    I have helped to coordinate the professor exchange between Aiias and China and nurtured the Chinese community here on campus.