James H. Park, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Discipleship and Mission 

The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

January, 2009

Teaching Portfolio


5. Appendix



1.  MSSN 570/670 Growing Disciples and Mission Syllabus.

2.  CHMN 710 Theology and Practice of Ministry Syllabus.

3.  Pictures of Student Activities and Student Familes.



4.  “The Proclamation of Release in Luke 4:16-30,” AASS, 7 2004: 27-37.

5.  SDA—Muslim Dialogue Presentation with G Whitehouse—Marwai Philippines.

6.  The Daily Disciple Weekly Newsletter Samples.

7.  The Daily Disciple Book.

8.  Discipletree.com website home page.



  9.  Trinity Ministry Projects:

           Ahmen Scholarship Fund.

           Manila Bay Adventist Preschool.

           CAP House Family Ministry.

10.  Chinese Ministry.