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This website is dedicated to the Biblical understanding and practice of discipleship in contemporary and international culture.  It has both Biblical and practical material to help grow disciples. It shows how discipleship can be applied to the Holy Spirit, Sabbath and Second Coming. Graduate level courses are available to download and resource material may be purchased over the internet. You can subscribe to a weekly newsletter and find contact information. May the Lord bless as we make disciples.

Pastor Jim Park, Ph.D.
Discipleship is the personal and corporate communion with God through Word, Prayer and Worship in order to produce a fruit-filled community of believers who fulfill the Lord's commission through the Spirit-empowered release and incorporation of others.
There are some basic Bible texts that are fundamental to the understanding and practice of discipleship. Four texts are briefly looked at here: Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 3:13-14; Luke 4:16-20 and Isaiah 37:31.
This page gives links to other websites which discuss and further explore the five spiritual disciples of Biblical discipleship: Daily Bible Study, Prayer and Service along with Weekly participation in a Small Group and Corporate Worship.
The personal and corporate communion with God through the Word, prayer and worship is the foundation of discipleship. This page shows how The Holy Place (The Growing Place) illustrates important principles of discipleship.
The close fellowship of the New Testament stands in stark contrast to the individualism of modern society. Building community is one of the major challenges the church faces today in post-modern society.
The discipling of the nations flows out of our own discipleship and those who will join us to reproduce our conversion in others. This page outlines the important principle that communion plus community will generate commission.
The Holy Spirit
More than any other New Testament author, Luke speaks of the Holy Spirit of God. This link will provide a basic overview of how the stories in Luke-Acts illustrate the role of the Spirit in the new birth and the ministry of release.
  The Sabbath
In the midst of our busy and materialistic modern world, the proper teaching and continual practice of the Biblical Sabbath has the potential of becoming a powerful tool in discipling people today.
  The Second Coming
Just as the Sabbath sheds the light of God's creative power from the distant past, the promise, hope and comfort of the Second Coming casts its brilliance from the immediate future.
This link provides an overview and ordering information for a Steps to Christ workbook, two Bible study series named Ten Practical Lessons in Discipleship and New Horizons along with a Baptismal Preparation Wookbook.
This page includes academic research on discipleship including material from my Master's Thesis and Dissertation.
This link takes you to Framework for Local Church Mission which is a diagnostic book on how to grow your church. A report on a large evangelistic campaign is also included.
“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field" (Matthew 9:37-38).